About This Blog

This blog is an autobiography of sorts. It’s a search for God, a search for me, a search for love, a search for truth… truthfully, it’s probably more a search for comments because I like having people say nice things about what I write. I’m a bit self-absorbed that way.

It’s the record of my search for meaning and direction.

It’s the record of a hundred false endings, a hundred failed attempts at making me look good and history look like it’s culminated in the very blog I was writing at the moment.

It’s the record of trying to look spiritual, trying not to look spiritual, then looking spiritual anyway, quite by accident… and eventually not caring about looking spiritual at all.

This blog is the consolidation of three other blogs and the beginning of a fourth.

-August 4, 2013


One thought on “About This Blog

plithwo.wordpress.com is now davidmschell.com. The discussion continues there!

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