Innocence Lost: A Mythic Reading of Genesis 3

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Innocence Lost: A Mythic Reading of Genesis 3

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One thought on “Innocence Lost: A Mythic Reading of Genesis 3

  1. I doubt it was my blog you read, but I have a similar take, and wrote along these lines last year at

    I’ve been thinking that way for quite a long time, and the more time goes on, the more sense it seems to make to say that the story’s about us becoming self-aware. Looking at it from an evolutionary point of view, there are all sorts of obvious parallels. The one I really like at the moment is the way Eve’s told that childbirth will now be painful as they’re expelled from Eden. Why’s that? Because we’ve got so intelligent that our heads are too big to comfortably fit through the pelvis. In a sense, we know too much.

    Maybe that’s a bit fanciful, but as a general understanding, the self-awareness and loss of innocence angle still seems to be much better than anything else I’ve come across.

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