Career Wandering

This is a note for interested parties. Uninterested parties, take a pass. I’m just externally processing and there’s nobody here to talk to.

I’ve been browsing the web, looking for jobs. The usual suspects, monster, indeed… and I was looking for this one site whose name I can’t remember. They do short term projects of some kind and it’s on the tip of my tongue and has been all day, but it’s not coming to me. (Anthony?) Anyway, I searched for short term missions trips instead just for kicks and… it was interesting.

The first site I went to questioned motivation: Why are you interested in short term missions? I thought it was interesting, mostly because I ALWAYS question my motivation when I’m “doing something for God,” but rarely when I’m doing something that I perceive to be “for me,” like getting a normal job. Interesting, isn’t it? I pray about it if it’s “sacred,” and don’t worry too much about inviting God and my motives into the decision-making process if it’s for me.

Interestingly also, I wrote on my resume under “objective” “To change the world, one person at a time, as part of a united team, under positive leadership.”

It’s odd, because I couldn’t have written something like that before Jumonville. Or maybe I wouldn’t have. But now I not only wrote it, but it’s true, and I recognize it. Admittedly, I changed it for a resume I actually sent to someone. But it IS intriguing. Now I know what I want to do with my life.

To change the world (for the better, for God), one person at a time, as part of a united team, under positive leadership.

Isn’t knowing what you want half the battle?

But now I’m off looking for “jobs.” I don’t want a career that doesn’t lead in that direction. Yes. I want a job where I can serve God, but it almost seems like that’s not available right now. I’ve opened myself up to God’s plan, now, whether it involves working in a “sacred” or “secular” career. I know deep down that really, there isn’t any difference between sacred and secular if you’re doing it “as unto the Lord.” It still feels that way, though.

I doubt there’s another job available this fall that’s anything like the amazing summer I spent at Jumonville. Maybe that was just about growing up, changing, and learning. I wish it could’ve lasted.

It just seems like people in the Christian community (at least the Jumonville one) were genuinely NICER than folks in a “for-profit” organization. Maybe it’s because they realize that the heart of it is to love God and each other, not to “produce.” Sure, production is valuable, but it’s not everything. And that’s what I will miss if I go into the “secular world” to take a job. And I’m not sure if God’s CALLING me to the “sacred” world. Doesn’t look like it at this time. But in the secular workforce, it seems to me like production will be everything. Well, not everything, but at the core. Let me see if I can explain:

SACRED: About loving God and people.
SECULAR: About getting money, success, power, fame, or whatever it is you think you’re after.

Now, I grant you, some people in the secular world do their job because they love God and people, but how many people START a business to love God and people? Those are usually called “ministries” or “nonprofits.” It’s tough to make a living that way. I know there’s something I’m missing… what is it? Is it that in MY heart it has to be about loving God and people? What about in the heart of my “boss?” Because loving God and people sometimes takes time away from a project to do more important things. Most employers don’t recognize these moments that “lower productivity” as “more important” than getting stuff produced.

I’ll edit this as it starts to make more sense…

This note is the opinion of the person who wrote it. …Well, it might be. Or it could be just how he’s feeling at the moment. It may include wrong feelings, including selfishness. It’s not gospel, preaching, or anything solid; it’s more questions than answers. If you have answers, feel free!


7 thoughts on “Career Wandering

  1. Dave,You have an incredible writing gift!!!! You capture the essence and express your feelings in very interesting and intriguing ways. : >More to the point, you need to look up "Marketplace Ministry" There are people who "do business" for the Kingdom in ways that minister to people and communities. More later….

  2. yeah, i know… but in a face to face, life would make sense again. even stuff that doesn't make sense seems to make sense at jville… and here, even stuff that DOES make sense is confusing sometimes. I guess frustrated would be the best description of where i am.Pastor Mike had a good message this morning.. just about trusting God. My phone now says "There Is A Plan. Sometimes it's hard to trust. Sometimes I make it hard. This is one of those times, i guess. I just have to remember that I'm here fora reason.

  3. what an open-ended question. I'm not sure. I think it's because there was structure there. I knew what I was supposed to be doing, and when I wasn't doing it, I knew I didn't have to worry about doing anything and I could just take it easy. In a word,Structure.

  4. Hmmm I was wondering why "Marketplace Ministry" sounded familiar. It just popped into my head. My parents donate money to that place every year AND it's in Grand Rapids, MI. Which was where I was born and raised in. 🙂 Your pastor had a good point… there IS a plan. Our God is sovereign. (WOOT).

  5. thanks, kristen. 🙂 i just get sgs sometimes: Stupid Guy Syndrome. where you forget what you know without a doubt, or you doubt it. jaye, i'm looking into mm.

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