"But I tried hard as I could…."

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5 thoughts on “"But I tried hard as I could…."

  1. very well written David! the enemy of our souls is the one telling us we must 'do ' more to gain God's approval…but we were bought with a price and He is not willing that ANY should perish. and for this i will be eternally grateful! Did you go to the ER to get your eye checked out? i guess this is as good a way as any to get the 'speck' out of your eye!i'll be praying !

  2. Remember… the whole purpose of this… ALL of this – His mercy, our Savior and the ability to be made whole again with the Holy Spirit – is to get us back to Him. God's ultimate goal is not to make us happy by giving us paradise, but to be able to have the relationship with Him that we were always meant to have is the paradise. That is what we were always meant to be… from the beginning – for God to be on His reserved throne in our heart and we in the center of Him. That is ultimate (no word to describe the feeling, haha) You are on to something larger than life, bro. Don't stop talking with God.. even when He is quiet. That just means He is listening 🙂

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