I am the one who has seen the afflictions
that come from the rod of the Lord’s anger.
He has led me into darkness,
shutting out all light
He has turned his hand against me
again and again, all day long…

He has walled me in, and i cannot escape.
He has bound me in heavy chains.
And though I cry and shout,
He has shut out my prayers
He has blocked my way with a high stone wall
He has made my way crooked.

He shot his arrows
deep into my heart.
My own people laugh at me.
All day long they sing their mocking songs
He has filled me with bitterness
And given me a bitter cup of sorrow to drink.

I cry out, “My splendor is gone!”
Everything I had hoped for from the Lord is lost!”

The thought of my suffering and homelessness
Is bitter beyond words
I will never forget this awful time
as I grieve over my loss…
Yet I still dare to hope
when I remember this:

The faithful love of the Lord never ends
His mercies never cease
Great is his faithfulness;
his mercies begin afresh each morning
I say to myself, “The Lord is my inheritance;
therefore, I will hope in him!

The Lord is good to those who depend on him,
to those who search for him
So it is good to wait quietly
for salvation from the Lord
And it is good for people to submit at an early age
to the yoke of his discipline.
-Lamentations 3:1-3, 7-9, 13-15, 18-27

Man I wish i’d read that a few months ago.

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