Jesus the Nazerene, the King of the Jews

When God created light, He’d said “let there be light” and there was light. It wasn’t, and then it was. It took an instant. It took a “God said” before “it was.” Then He started investing time in cleaning up this empty planet. The Bible refers to earth as “formless and void.” Kinda like the rest of the other planets, I guess. This one was different.

The Spirit of God moved upon the surface of the waters. It was a work of love. He made the ocean, so deep, so vast, so beautiful. He made the dry land appear. There’s a mountain range in Virginia that looks like something God might have well reached down, scooped it together, and pulled up. The marks where his fingers would have been are still there. He was building up to something. He was getting ready to make His finest creation. He spent the next 6 days building a place for it to live, light to see by, water to drink and swim in, dry land to walk on, grass to eat, animals to interact with… like any parent making preparation for His child.

When that day came, God didn’t do a “let there be man and there was man and God saw that it was good and it was so” like He had with light. Nope, that wasn’t good enough. He invested time into making Adam. God loved Adam before he even created him. Before he started working on the earth. Before he said “let there be light,” He was motivated to say “let there be light” by a love for this man he was going to create. A knowledge that he would need light, and a love big enough to create it.

“God formed man in his own image.” God is perfect. None of the animals got formed in God’s image. Only the man. He loved the man so much He made him like Himself. And when He made the man? “The Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.” Definitely not like the light. God formed Adam with love, to look like Him. And gave him life, personally.

God saw Adam and for the first time, decided that something was ‘not good.’ The man was alone. He made him helpers, forming them out of the dirt too, shaping them into all shapes and sizes, but none of them really seemed to work for Adam. At the end of the day, when Adam was finished looking at all the lovely things God had made for him and giving them all names, God knew that none of them was going to be loved by Adam. In my humble opinion, I think it was because none of them had cost him anything.

God took one of Adam’s ribs and created Eve. It was love at first sight. She cost him something. And besides all that, she was beautiful. God made her with love, for Adam, out of one of Adam’s ribs. And us guys have been looking for girls who are going to cost us something ever since haha.

The Bible isn’t boring anymore. Everywhere I look, I see a love story. A crazed, mad love affair of the God who created it all loving and loving and loving and sadly, hardly ever being noticed by those He’s loving. Being misunderstood, ignored, and forsaken by the people he chose for his own and loved and loved and loved beyond belief. He never gave up on them, wanting to “gather them under his wings”, letting them suffer for their mistakes so they’d learn, then coming to get them out… and them not learning anyway, just like any stupid kids… and don’t get the idea that I hate kids or think they’re stupid or anything.. I just remember being one. If it’d only taken me 7 times to learn my lesson like in Judges… whoo, i would’ve had a much better life growing up!

These were supposed to be God’s people, obeying Him out of love for what He’d done for them. But they disobeyed him and disobeyed him and were quick to choose other loves, dating Baal and Ashteroth on a regular basis… False gods who only wanted to hurt them. Wow, when I look at God as a loving Father, the Bible just keeps making more sense.

They learned to hate their Father, these Israelites. In the end, they came back and all pretended whole-heartedly to love him, the priests and Pharisees who were just in it for the money and to look holier than anybody else. In the end, they didn’t love God. They had learned from hundreds of years of experience that obedience was what he wanted, and they provided it legalistically and unrelentingly. No wonder they hated Jesus.

He broke their laws, but somehow people gave this Jesus the respect that the priests and Sadducees needed like oxygen They were so obsessed with following all the little rules they had forgotten how to love, and Jesus told them so. Even one of their own, Nicodemus, was intrigued, though, by this Jesus who loved.

This Jesus loved these poor unlovable people. He fed them, healed them, prayed for them, taught them to pray… and all they saw were the miracles. They wanted more free lunches, and “when can you heal my daughter?” and “He has a demon…” And Jesus healed them. Because he loved them.

And in the end when they hung their King out to dry on two hunks of lumber, only the Roman governor Pontius Pilate got it right. Not only was this Jesus the Nazerene innocent, but Pilate hung over his head, in a sort of cruel irony, some of the truest words ever written.


And in the midst of all his subjects’ laughter, Jesus the Nazerene, King of the Jews, the God of the universe, said some of the most loving words in all of history.

Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.

Then he died. The Jews had killed their King.

d i d e ‘ e r   s u c h   l o v e   a n d    s o r r o w   m e e t ?
o r   t h o r n s   c o m p o s e   s o   r i c h   a    c r o w n ?

But such love is not powerless. Love of that degree has power. It takes so many allowances to kill love. You can trample it, but it will get back up. You can beat it senseless, but it will not go away. You can remove any part from it, but it will love with all it has. You can kill it. But it will come back to life. Ah yes, many times I’m sure Satan has regretted that the real problem wasn’t killing Christ, but keeping Him dead. Because in that single act of love, Jesus proved God’s love, forever and uneraseably, and had it written down in the book of history. Kings have tried to hide out and dictators have tried to erase its’ mark, but hiding that kind of love is kind of like trying to hide a cure for cancer. You can hide it, you can say it doesn’t exist, and you can torture the scientists.. but rumors are gonna get out. And just rumors of that kind of love make people do some crazy things.

Didn’t mean to go so far.. I was actually planning on staying in Genesis 1-3, but the story all kinda came out and I had to tell it that way because I read John recently too and I kinda skipped ahead to John and then OH! can I give away the end now? I better not… haven’t read that book lately. Maybe it’ll be next.

Peace out, ya’ll. I hope you could see the God that I saw when I was writing about Him.


l o v e    s o   a m a z i n g    s o   d i v i n e
d e m a n d s    m y   s o u l
m y   l i f e
m y   a l l

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Amazing. thank you for sharing that. you definitely do have a gift of words and writing. keep at it brother. Gbless

Posted by ParKie on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 – 3:11 AM
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