Time is now the enemy.

Going well so far, enjoying the freedom and having fun goofing off… was up again last night until 2:00 on a long, tiring day.  So I opened my eyes this morning and was certain my alarm clock was lying.  I could’ve sworn it said 12:08 PM.  I looked again.  My clock was not lying.  Two options flashed through my head: jump out of bed and pray you make it to work on time (45-minute drive, incompletely tested, arrive by 1:00PM), or just stay home and eat breakfast.

I made my choice and ran to the bathroom, threw on some clothes, jammed my keys and wallet and a comb into my pocket, and wrapped on my belt.  I dove down the stairs, threw my lunch and an apple into a bag and ran for my car.  I flipped the key into the ignition and read the clock: 12:14.  I engaged and threw it into reverse… stalled.

I pulled up the hill and was doing 40 around the curve, then got to 45 on a road that I had made a memo to myself for: never make up time on this road.  I jolted over the bumps in two minutes and was soon on my way, praying that I wouldn’t kill myself to get to work on time.

Connelsville, 12:30 PM: I prayed I’d hit all green lights.  One red light.  The next light changed to green as I came to it… and the next one… and the next one.  I kept praying.  Construction zone in the left lane.  Good thing I need to be in the right lane.

12:57, almost there… or so I thought.  12:59 put me in the parking lot with 8 inches to the car to my side, 16 to the car on my right.  I crawled over my stick shift and opened the door, then remembered to lock my door, then escaped and dashed to the door.  I forgot my key card.

I waited for a few seconds for someone to come out; they did and I rushed in and threw my food into the fridge, rushed to the bathroom, splashed some water on my face and walked out to my desk.  That was my mistake.

I turned on my mac.  It took forever to start up.  I logged in fast and waited for it to load my browser so I could sign in.  The clock loaded at last: 1:04:19.  The browser kept loading.  I knew if I was in by 1:05:00, I was safe.  I clicked log in, then logged in: wrong page.  I hit the back button on my browser: 1:04:39.

I clicked ‘launch webphone’.  It launched.  I clicked my agent number: 1:04:50.  I entered my agent number and hit sign in.  1:05:03.  I was too late.

You see, if you are late, it does not matter if it is 5 minutes or two hours, you get .25 points either way.  I COULD HAVE STAYED HOME AND EATEN BREAKFAST AND NOT DRIVEN TO WORK LIKE AN INSANE MANIAC!!!

I am ready for the consequences, and my quarter point should show up by Saturday.

Jonathan Hancock.

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Hi hi. Thanks for the comment. So. My problem is not necessarily with how to add a picture, but how to get the picture. As in, where does in come from? I think I have some pix on the desktop that I scanned in a couple years back. Will those work? Maybe you could just come over sometime and add my picture yourself. Hey, I like that idea. 🙂 lol
Sooo, you noticed my online name? Yeah. I’m just so tired to meeting people who seem to be one thing and are actually something else entirely alltogether. In other words, fake. I want to be “the real deal”–as in, what you see is what you get. Anyway, ttyl!


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P.S. Try using an alarm from now on. You may find it to be very helpful. 🙂
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